Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank, £5, 1890’s, GEF/UNC

£5 notes from an original book from the Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank
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Black on white Entwined initials/Pink panel. Cut signature panel, Crisp GEF/Unc

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We have been able to obtain the remaining part of the hoard of 1926 Provincial Bank of Ireland Pound Notes. All are Uncirculated and are cancelled with two holes.(P)
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In the late 19th and early 20th century there was a proliferation of private banks which served their local communities and issued banknotes. Many went bust but not the Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Company which continued to issue banknotes until 1907 when it was absorbed into Barclays Bank. When the merger occurred all the outstanding banknotes were honoured and a V shape was made into the notes to show they had been paid. We are delighted to offer examples of the £10 note issued by the Stamford Spalding and Boston Banking Company. They are printed on one side only. Available with cut signature panel in GF-VF for just £45.00 each
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Japan 'Slender' Hansatsu

Hansatsu were issued in 19th century Japan and have always been popular with collectors. Shaped like bookmarks we are delighted to offer what we are calling ‘slender’ Hansatsu because the dimensions are a little slimmer than many offered before. Measuring 32mm x 155mm, they are printed on cream card like paper the illustrations comprising red seals and script. Another great addition to your collection – the ‘slender’ Hansatsu.