William IV, Scottish Crown Patina Pewter

These crownsized patinas were made to show what Scottish coins of William IV might look like, if they had ever been struck. You have the bust of William IV on the obverse, just like on the 1831 crown by the Royal Mint. In fact, in my opinion, it is as good, or better, than the original. The reverse has the Scottish coat of arms with the standing Lion and two thistles one on either side. It is retro-dated 1830. These are full crownsized and beautiful. We have them in Patina Pewter. They are in Prooflike condition and handsome. Mintages were low, and we bought them all. Ten years ago...
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Picture of Scotland, George III Scottish Patina in Pewter

Scotland, George III Scottish Patina in Pewter

George III Scottish Patina in Pewter. This is the fabulous Patina George III issue for Scotland. It is based on the portrait of King George III by Kuchler that was used on the Bank of England Emergency issues for the Dollars of 1804. These are retro dated ‘1808’ and show what a Scottish issue might have looked like, had it been issued at the time. You have the bust of King George III on one side and the crowned double thistle on the other side. They are large crownsized pieces struck in Pewter. The mintage is only 1,000 pieces.