William IV, 3 Graces Bronzed Copper

In the very short reign of King William IV there was only one crown issued in 1831 and a few patterns. These are Patina or retro-patterns of the ‘1835’ William IV 3 Graces pattern. The 3 Graces is a very famous statue of the same name by Antonio Canova. The bust is the same as used on the Crown, in fact it almost looks better, the reverse has the 3 Graces. Here we present the Patina in bronzed copper. Well worth having…
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We were told by the people who struck the Patina crownsized retro patterns that striking anything in Pewter was something they did not relish. It is hard to strike, it is messy to strike and they would rather use another metal. But these George III Wales Patina retro patterns are struck in Proof Pewter and we think they look great. Forget the work and the mess the finished product is great. Because they were struck in Pewter, the mintages are limited. Get them while you can…