Vima Kadphises. 100-128 A.D.. AE. Tetradrachm. Good Very Fine

Kushan Kingdom. Vima Kadphises. 100-128 A.D.. AE. Tetradrachm. Obverse. The king standing to left sacrificing over an altar, a trident to left and a club to right. Reverse. Siva standing facing holding a trident, a humped Bull standing to right in the background. Good Very Fine and Scarce
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Aspendos Stater 400-350 B.C.

The ancient City of Aspendos in Pamphylia is famous for its ancient coins. They were an early city to mint regularly to display their great wealth from trade. These silver Stater coins were struck about 400-350 B.C. and show Olympic wrestlers on the obverse with a slinger on the reverse. Likely because the word sling (σφενδόνη) sounds similar to the name of the city (ασπενδοζ), the Ancient Greeks loved a pun! These coins were used in their local area and across the ancient world. If a person accepting this as payment wanted to be sure it was solid silver they would make a ‘test-cut’ into the Stater to see the core without losing any silver. Some then stamped it with a mark to show they had checked the coin, ancient quality control! We bought this fascinating group for a great deal so we offer these trade coins to you at inflation busting prices, just £195 for 11g of Ancient Greek silver with individual history! An ancient person once looked at this coin in their pocket like you do today…