Victoria, Double Florin Very Fine

While you might not have this Victorian silver coin in your pocket, you probably have its direct decimal equivalent. If you have in your pocket or handbag a 20p piece please get it out. Because the coin we are going to offer you is the same denomination but in Victorian spending money. The famous or infamous Double Florin or Four Sterling Silver Shillings, and in today’s money 20p. First issued for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 the Double Florin was last issued in 1890. Too many drunk barmaids gave change for a crown 5 shillings when they were only given a Double Florin 4 shillings. This helped to get them to stop making this short-lived denomination. Its nickname had quickly become ‘the barmaid’s ruin’, for all those barmaids who gave the wrong change and were ruined...
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