Victoria Young Head 6d Fair

In the whole Young Head series of Queen Victorian coins, the one that I have the most difficulty getting is the Sixpence. It was struck for years and years (1838-1887), but for some reason, this is one type of coin that always seems to be missing. I have a small group of these Sterling Silver Sixpences, dates will be of our choice, but the more coins you order, the more different dates we will try and give you.
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It is in FAIR condition.

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William IV 6d Very Good_obv

William IV 6d Very Good

William IV (1830-37) was the third son of George III, succeeding his elder brother George IV, becoming the last king and penultimate monarch of the House of Hanover. William served in the Royal Navy in his youth, spending time in British North America and the Caribbean, and was later nicknamed the “Sailor King”. As his two elder brothers died without leaving legitimate heirs, William inherited the throne in 1830 when he was 64 years old. At the time of his death, just 7 years later, William was survived by eight illegitimate children, none of whom could lay claim to the throne. So William was succeeded by his young niece -Victoria, the rest is history! Being such a short reign, William’s coins can be difficult to find in large quantities, we’ve been putting away the popular sixpences for several years and finally have enough to offer you. They were struck for 5 years only and dates will be of our choice, more than likely 1831-35, and they’ll be offered in VG and Fine grade.
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Hong Kong Edward VIII 1936 Cupro Nickel Retro-Crown

One of the most popular and of late, hardest to get Edward VIII Patina issue, is that of Hong Kong. You have the bare head of the King on one side and a Chinese Junk on the other side. The hint here is China, where there are many many collectors, trying to buy coins that they have not seen. These are the original Lobel medallic patterns, fully crownsized and in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. They are available in cupro-nickel. Buy them while you can, they are being collected in the Far East.
Victoria Copper Halfpenny Very Good_obv

Victoria Copper Halfpenny Very Good

Today we call small coins copper, but in fact, they are struck in bronze or even Steel. The last British coins struck in copper were of Queen Victoria and dated 1859/1860. So these Victoria Copper Halfpennies we are offering you were struck between 1838-1860. Dates will be of our choice and there are none of the rare dates in the group. You have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a seated figure of Britannia holding a trident on the reverse. The design was deeply engraved and the thick copper planchet made the coins strike even better