Victoria, Threepence Type Set

In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were only three major changes between 1838-1901. You have the Young Head, the Jubilee Head and the Old Head, which were used on the coins. All Silver Threepences are struck in Sterling Silver. You will get a Sterling Silver 3 pence of Queen Victoria Young Head, Queen Victoria Jubilee Head and Queen Victoria Old Head in Very Good condition. These are the smallest silver coins that were struck on a regular basis for Queen Victoria. We had trouble getting them, but based on past demand, our supplies should go very quickly. So if you want one or more sets, We suggest that you get in quickly to avoid disappointment...
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Picture of Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) Fair

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) Fair

Victoria came to the throne a very young woman, she was only 18 when she became Queen. Her first coins carried a very youthful portrait of Queen Victoria a portrait carried on for the next 50 years. The Shilling was struck in Sterling Silver and because they were used every day, they come well-circulated. We offer them here in Fair conditio; remember that the newest coin is now 130 years old. Dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try and give you.
World War I_Penny_Set

World War I (George V) Penny Collection 1914-1918

One of our competitors is offering a set of World War I Pennies 1914-1918. Yes, their set comes in a smart case, but they are charging £79.50 for the collection... Also, the coins they illustrated were cleaned, they probably think that improves their appearance, but it actually depreciates their worth. Our coins are average circulated just as theirs are, but ours are natural, we have not cleaned them. We do not supply a case, on the other hand, our set is priced at £10.00 and theirs is priced at £79.50. We will not name the other company, we don't want to shame them any more than their price of £79.50 shames them already...
1922 Silver Coin Set

George V, 1922 Silver Coin Set

In the long history of our coinage, when they talked about coins they meant Sterling Silver coins. That is 925 parts silver per 1,000 parts. But in 1920, the British Government made the unprecedented move of reducing the silver content of our coinage. They reduced it from 925 parts per 1,000 to just 500 parts per 1,000 or half silver as it is called. Not many people kept the ‘new’ silver coins, because they knew that 500 fine coins were not as intrinsically valuable as Sterling Silver coins. So that post 1920 coins, even today are not all that easy to get. We have put together complete silver date sets of King George V 1922 coins. You get the Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin, and Halfcrown all issued in 1922, all in Very Good condition, which considering they are this year 100 years old, is rather good. You get all five 1922 silver coins in Very Good.