Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) Fine

Queen Victoria was very young when she ascended the throne. So her portrait on the coins was of a young and attractive personage. Unfortunately they used that same portrait from 1838-1887. It is known as the Young Head portrait of the Queen. We found a box of Victoria Young Head Shillings all struck in Sterling Silver. Dates will be all over the place but we doubt that there will be any rare dates, we are offering them by type and not by date. But we are offering them in Fine. The more coins you order the more different dates we will try and give you. The newest of these Queen Victoria Sterling Silver Young Head Shillings is now 135 years old. Just goes to show that old Victorian shillings don’t have to cost the earth.
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Victoria, Crown (Jubilee Head) Fine

We recently bought a nice group of Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Crowns issued 1887-1892. They have the Jubilee Head of the Queen on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. They are the largest silver coin struck for Queen Victoria and are struck in Sterling Silver. These coins are in Fine condition; they were carefully selected, so there are no defects, no scratches no edge knocks. Nicely well-graded coins for your collection. We have been looking around and we're amazed at just how much certain companies are charging for these coins. At Coincraft if we make a good buy, you make a good buy. Remember that all of these coins have been specially selected and they are Sterling Silver.
Picture of Victoria, Shilling 1887 Unc

Victoria, Shilling 1887 Unc

Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 and in 1838 they issued her first coinage. Because she was so young when she became Queen, this new coinage became known as Young Head Coins. In 1887 when she celebrated her Gold Jubilee, she finally allowed her portrait to be changed on the coins, this new portrait became known as the Jubilee Head Coinage. It only lasted from 1887 until 1892 when it was again changed. We have spent years accumulating enough 1887 Jubilee Head coins in high grades to offer them to you. All are struck in Sterling Silver and all are dated 1887 the first year of this new coinage. For years collectors have assumed that these coins are common. But in fact in the higher grades these coins have become very difficult to find. Prices while they have risen are still very affordable, especially when you think that they are 131 years old. On offer here is a Victoria 1887 shilling in uncirculated grade.
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