Victoria, Shilling (Old Head) 1893 VG

1893 Sterling Silver Old Head Shilling of Queen Victoria. All coins are in Very Good or better condition.
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MonarchVictoria 1837 - 1901
Pre-Decimal DenominationShilling (Bob)
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In 1887 Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee and for the first time in 50 years she allowed her portrait on the coinage to be changed. She hated the portrait on the Shilling so it was only made in 1887 and a few in 1888. We offer nice Fine examples of the Sterling Silver 1887 for your collection. Everyone thinks it is common but this design was only struck for two years and is an important type coin.
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In 1893 a new portrait of Queen Victoria was used on the coins. Officially it was the Widow Head Type, unofficially it was known as the Old Head coinage. We think that after over 60 years on the Throne, Old Head is much more of an appropriate term to use. For some reason, one that we just don’t know, the sixpence is the most difficult coin to obtain. Maybe because it was one of the smallest values and actually was used in day-to-day transactions, maybe something else. All we know is the Queen Victoria Old Head Sixpence is not an easy coin to find. The coins on offer are struck in Sterling Silver and are in Very Good condition. They will date from 1893-to 1901. The more you order, the more different dates we will try to give you but remember these coins are not easy to find.