Victoria, Half Sovereign (Old Head)

There were 3 major types of Queen Victoria Half Sovereigns issued, Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head. The Half Sovereign is much scarcer than the full Sovereign. Both are struck in 22ct by the Royal Mint. It is just that the Half Sovereign was the least expensive Gold coin struck at the time. You have the veiled or Old Head portrait of H. M. Queen Victoria on one side and St. George and the dragon on the other side. These are actual gold coins that were used in day today transactions. The coins on offer are in Fine condition and were minted between 1893-1901. These are important type coins and of course the Half Sovereign is a scarce denomination. Dates will be of our choice, but supplies are limited.
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MonarchVictoria 1837 - 1901
Pre-Decimal DenominationHalf Sovereign
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