Victoria, Halfcrown (Jubilee Head) Very Good

In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were three main designs used, we have selected the last two, the Jubilee Head and the Old or Widow Head coinage to offer you. Here we are offering the Jubilee Head Halfcrown in Very Good. Dates will be of our choice depending on what we have in stock when the order comes in. But as always fair grading and priced to make them attractive.
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MonarchVictoria 1837 - 1901
Pre-Decimal DenominationHalfcrown
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Victoria, Sixpence (Young Head) Very Good

In the whole Young Head series of Queen Victorian coins, the one that we have the most difficulty in getting is the Sixpence. It was struck for years and years (1838-1887), but for some reason, this is one type coin that always seems to be missing. We have a small group of these Sterling Silver Sixpences, dates will be of our choice, but the more coins you order, the more different dates we will try and give you. They are available in Very Good.
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Victoria, Threepence (Jubilee Head) VG

Jubilee Head Threepence Very Good
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During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, there were two different types of Shillings issued every year. One had a reverse with an English design and one had a reverse with a Scottish design. The Scottish designs are always the more difficult ones to find because they made less of them than the English reverse. This coin is now 60 years old and Uncirculated examples are very difficult to find. The Scottish reverse has a lion standing and is rather majestic. The coins are in Uncirculated condition and more difficult to find than the catalogue indicates.