Victoria Farthing 1900 Extremely Fine

Victorian Farthings featuring the “Old” or “Veiled” Head were only minted from 1895 - 1901. From 1897, the vast majority were “mint darkened” at the mint, this was to stop the public trying to pass the shiny new bronze farthings off as Half Sovereigns! This practice continued until 1925. We recently got hold of a large group of these farthings, they must have been put away for a very long time as they are all around Extremely Fine, but not lustrous as they were darkened. Whatever the catalogue price is, it’s safe to say the 1895 is rarer than the book suggests!
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Victoria Copper Halfpenny Fine_obv

Victoria Copper Halfpenny Fine

Today we call small coins copper, but they are struck in bronze or even Steel. The last British coins struck in copper were of Queen Victoria and dated 1859/1860. So these Victoria Copper Halfpennies we are offering you were struck between 1838-1860. Dates will be of our choice and there are none of the rare dates in the group. You have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a seated figure of Britannia holding a trident on the reverse. The design was deeply engraved and the thick copper planchet made the coins strike even better
George III 3d Extremely Fine_obv

George III 3d Extremely Fine

When the first convicts were sent to Australia, these George III Silver threepences of 1762 and 1763 were some of the coins they would have carried. They are highly collected in Australia as one of the first coins to come to that country. We have a small group of choice examples in Extremely Fine and Uncirculated condition. Of course most of the coins were carried by the guards, but no doubt some of the convicts had money too. These are beautiful coins with an important history to Australia and they are now almost 260 years old. These are much nicer than you would usually see the 1762 and 1763 George III silver threepences.
George III 1787 Shilling Uncirculated_obv

George III 1787 Shilling Uncirculated

When the first convicts were sent to Australia both they and the sailors had some coins with them. Amongst those coins were the George III 1787 Shilling. These coins are now known in Australia as ‘Proclamation Coins’ and highly collected in Australia. Most interesting coins to add to your collection, this design was only issued for one year 1787 and we have a small number in Unciculated condition.