Victoria, Double Florin 1887 About Extremely Fine

The Double Florin was only issued for 4 years from 1887 to 1890 during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee period. A Double florin was 4 shillings, a shilling less than a Crown. This small difference proved to be very expensive and caused no end of problems, so in 1890 they stopped minting them altogether. These are struck in Sterling Silver and have the Queen’s Jubilee Bust on the obverse, the reverse has crowned cruciform shields around central the Garter star, four sceptres with national emblems fill the angles. We have a group of 1887 Double Florins in Nearly extremely Fine condition available, most would call them EF, but while stocks last, we can offer them at a Special Price. A shortlived, large silver Victorian coin in high grade and approaching 140 years old!
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MonarchVictoria 1837 - 1901
Pre-Decimal DenominationDouble Florin