Victoria, Crown (Old Head)

The Old Head series we are featuring. It is quite easy to collect as a type collection. Here we have available the Crown in different grades, dates will be as they come, no point in requesting a special date.
Victoria Old Head Crown Fine_obv
Victoria, Crown (Old Head) Fine
In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were three main designs used. Here we are offering the Old or Widow Head Crown in Fine. Dates will be of our choice depending on what we have in stock when the order comes in. But as always fair grading and priced to make them attractive.
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Victoria Old Head Crown Unc_obv
Victoria, Crown (Old Head) Unc
We have a few Victoria Old Head Crowns in Unc condition for sale. Dates will be of our choice, but you will receive an Old Head Victorian Crown in Unc condition. Please do not request special dates and remember that stock availability is limited...
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