Victoria Copper Halfpenny Fine

Today we call small coins copper, but they are struck in bronze or even Steel. The last British coins struck in copper were of Queen Victoria and dated 1859/1860. So these Victoria Copper Halfpennies we are offering you were struck between 1838-1860. Dates will be of our choice and there are none of the rare dates in the group. You have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a seated figure of Britannia holding a trident on the reverse. The design was deeply engraved and the thick copper planchet made the coins strike even better
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In FINE condition.

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Edward VII Sixpence Fine

They struck coins for King Edward VII from 1902 until 1910, a rather short reign. But then again he had to wait for Queen Victoria to pass away and she lived quite a long time. All of his silver coins are struck in Sterling Silver and the most difficult denomination to get is the Sixpence.
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Victoria Farthing 1900 Extremely Fine

Victorian Farthings featuring the “Old” or “Veiled” Head were only minted from 1895 - 1901. From 1897, the vast majority were “mint darkened” at the mint, this was to stop the public trying to pass the shiny new bronze farthings off as Half Sovereigns! This practice continued until 1925. We recently got hold of a large group of these farthings, they must have been put away for a very long time as they are all around Extremely Fine, but not lustrous as they were darkened. Whatever the catalogue price is, it’s safe to say the 1895 is rarer than the book suggests!
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Firstly a Groat is 4 old pence (4d) or 1/60th of a Pound. These have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on them and many were also struck for use in our overseas Colonies, but they were still legal tender and used in this country. You have the youthful portrait of Queen Victoria on one side and a rather beautiful rendition of Britannia seated on the reverse. One of the most underappreciated Victorian coins. They were issued from 1838-1861 and are are struck in Sterling Silver and are at least 160 years old. Let’s face it many collectors don’t even know that a Groat was ever issued. Dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try and give you. Please do not ask for specific dates as they will no doubt be the rare dates.