Venezuela 10,000-50,000 2019 (3) P-New Unc

The economy of Venezuela has been ravaged by rampant hyperinflation in recent years. In 2008, the government revalued the currency by 100 to one. Ten years later in 2018, five noughts were lopped off when the currency was revalued yet again 100,000 to one These new notes from Venezuela are dated 2019 and show yet again how higher and higher denominations were needed to keep up with inflation. The highest values that have been issued are the 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 bolivares (P-New) Unlike previous issues, they have a common design. On the front, we find a portrait of Simon Bolivar while on the back a view of the National Pantheon of Venezuela in Caracas is illustrated, otherwise known as the Mausoleo del Libertador Simon Bolivar and where he was buried in 1842. This Uncirculated trio was printed by the Russian Security Printers Goznak and have a 2mm wide security thread. Uncirculated Venezuela High value Trio at just £11.50
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