Valentinian II (A.D. 375-392), Half-Centenionalis Fine

Valentinian II (A.D. 375-392) was raised emperor at just four years old on the death of his father, Valentinian I, in A.D. 375. He never held real power and was found dead in his room at just 21 years old, by his own hand or Arbogast, his latest guardian, no one is sure to this day. Valentinian II makes mostly the same types as his father so they are very hard to tell apart, they did not put regnal numbers like we do. This bronze Half-Centenionalis coin is certainly Valentinian II as his father did not strike the denomination. At about 1cm across and roughly 1 gram, they are some of the smallest Roman coins ever struck! We have them in a Fine grade, fill this gap in your collection!
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