United States of America, US Coast Guard Challenge

This beautiful gold coloured with light blue, dark blue, red and white challenge piece is for one of the least known American Services, the Coast Guard. You have a ship at sea with a helicopter over head and their logo ‘Semper Paratus’. The reverse has a pair of anchors intertwined. It is full crownsized and comes in a protective capsule. If you like the sea you will love this challenge piece. At the price we are selling it, it just might fit into a few collections, but supplies are limited, we were only allowed to buy 130 of them and once they are gone, they are gone...
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Picture of United States of America, Don't Tread on Me Challenge Coin

United States of America, Don't Tread on Me Challenge Coin

This challenge piece says it all. You have a snake from the Colonial period and the legend ‘Don’t Tread on Me’. The other side has the famous Liberty Bell, made in England, shipped to America and then cracked while striking. Today it is in Philadelphia and one of the most important symbols of American freedom. It is enamelled on one side with the American flag in red, white and blue plus green for the pleasant land. The reverse has the Liberty bell in copper colour with a black outline around it. We are offering these at a special price, as we think that they are important. Each comes in a protective capsule and it is one that you will like…
American Army Veterans Challenge Coin_obv

United States of America, American Army Veterans Challenge Coin

This crownsized medal was struck to honour American Veterans. The planchet is made to look like it is multi sided but in fact it is round. On one side you have a soldier in full gear kneeling holding a rifle the background is silver plated and the American flag is in red, white and blue. It reads ‘This We’ll Defend * Duty Honor Country’. The reverse shows the American coat of arms and the background is in green and black and it states ‘U.S. Army Veteran Proudly Served’. It is in Proof condition in a protective capsule. Our stock is limited and they should sell quickly. So please get in a soon as possible to insure you get one.
Picture of United States of America, Trump Statue of Liberty silver coloured

United States of America, Trump Statue of Liberty silver coloured

Here we present a full-colour Donald Trump piece for your collection. There is a picture of Donald Trump standing before the Capitol Building with an American flag waving and the statue of Liberty outlined in silver colour. The reverse is the eagle the symbol of the United States with the title ‘Make America Great Again’. They are full crownsized and highlighted in silver colour. They are offered in protective capsules and dated 2017.