United States of America, One dollar Silver Eagle 2023 Brilliant Unc

The new 2023 American Silver Eagle is new in a number of different ways! The reverse design has changed and the eagle is landing on a branch. It still has the nominal denomination of One Dollar and still contains one ounce of pure silver... The quality of the strike and finish is now superb and surprise surprise they have raised the price to the public. In this case, we believe the increase is worth it after all, it is not a lot considering that everything today costs more...
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It appears that as the newer Silver Eagles come out, the older pieces become more expensive. At least that seems to be what our supplier seems to be asking. So when these 2011 American Silver Eagles came in we were delighted. They have a nominal face value of just One Dollar, they contain one ounce of pure silver and are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The quality is about as nice as you can get and they are one of the most beautiful modern coins that American makes. We only have 100 pieces, so while they last the price is very attractive. Get them while you can.

United States of America, 1980 Kennedy Half Dollar Proof

The stock quantity for this 1980 Kennedy Half Dollar Proof is rather small, so if you want one or more, please get in quickly. This coin is offered in Proof condition from the Proof Set of that year.