United States of America, Kennedy Silver Half Dollar 1969 BU

The United States honoured the late President Kennedy with a commemorative 50 Cent Coin. In 1964 they were struck in 900 fine silver. From 1965-1970 they were issued in 400 fine silver. We recently bought some original unopened rolls of the 1969 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars. They were put away over 50 years ago and have been untouched since they were issued by the United States Mint. It is a beautiful Uncirculated coin - get one while you can!
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It is now 60 years since the United States introduced the cupronickel-clad quarters we see today due to rising silver prices. Before they were replaced by the so-called “Johnson Sandwich” in honour of then President Lyndon B. Johnson, the coins were struck in 90% fine silver. We can now offer you these Uncirculated Washington quarters minted in 1964, the last year they were struck in silver. The obverse shows the first president facing left, while the reverse depicts an eagle with its wings outspread and perched between two olive branches.
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This coin was issued in America from 1864-1909, the coins on offer are all later dates and in Very Good condition. This coin was replaced by the Lincoln cent in 1909. Dates will be of our choice, but there are no rare dates represented.
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US Buffalo Nickel, 1913. In circulated condition. First struck in 1913 and now 104 years old, this popular design was part of an attempt to make the US coinage more attractive. This five Cent coin features the head of a Native Indian on one side and an American Bison on the reverse. They quickly proved popular with the American public and despite concerns about how quickly the coins became worn in circulation, continued to be minted until 1938 when they were replaced by the Jefferson Nickel. All coins have a full date. Most coins are dated in the 1930s. Dates of our choice.