United States of America, Joe Biden 5 Medal Collection in Case

We have in the past sold medals for President Obama, President Trump and now President Biden. There are no political implications, we just buy and sell. But what a fantastic offer we have for you on these Presidential Candidate Joe Biden medallion sets. This collection of five different full-colour medallions was made for the Worth Collection and we understand that it originally sold for £72.50. They come in a handsome presentation case and each medal has a different full-colour photograph of President to be, Joe Biden. They are dated 2020 and the reverse of each has a picture of Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate. You get five different crownsized full-colour medals in a handsome presentation case for just £27.95 that is just under £7 a medallion. Supplies are limited and you are buying it at about a 60% discount from the original price. It is a handsome collection.
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Picture of 10 FDCs Special Offer

10 FDCs Special Offer

We have just taken delivery of 20 crates containing some 31,250 First Day Covers (FDC) and even at our new location, they take up a lot of space. Most are British, a few are from the Channel Islands, and few from overseas. Normally we would sort them, so as to be able to offer them by type, but this time there are just too many and we are too busy trying to get our stock in order! Many of you have ordered our FDC packages in the past and very few were ever returned. This is in many ways a much more interesting lot and fresh to the market. Some of the covers are from the 1960s others are much more modern but all are First Day Covers. Most British commemoratives but there are also British fiscal FDCs that are scarcer and a few from other countries. We have asked staff members, who know nothing about stamps to make up packages of 10 different covers. Just count them out and make sure there are NO duplicates. That way every collector has the same chance to get some wonderful covers. We are going to offer a package of 10 different First Day Covers at a special price of just £8.95 that is less than 90p a cover! They make great gifts, and the holiday season is almost here. While they last 10 FDCs for just £8.95. We think it is good value and you will love them.
Picture of Royal Bank Scotland £10 1969 1 Yr Type B331 Crisp EF/GEF

Royal Bank Scotland £10 1969 1 Yr Type B331 Crisp EF/GEF

In 1969, the Royal Bank of Scotland merged with the National Commercial Bank of Scotland to become the largest bank in Scotland.

Elizabeth II, £1 (Scottish Pound) 1994 Proof Sterling Silver FDC - in capsule

This handsome Sterling Silver proof version of the Pound coin was issued in 1994 when the design was to honour Scotland. You have a rampant Lion on one side with the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on the other side. These are Special Collector’s Editions struck in Proof Sterling Silver by the Royal Mint. They had an original mintage limit of 25,000, but I don’t know how many they actually struck. Each Sterling Silver Proof comes in a protective capsule inside the original Royal Mint case of issue. The design is most attractive and it would be very difficult today to even get a normal circulation issue in Uncirculated let alone Silver Proof. Now some 26 years old and not an easy coin to find, a great gift if you know someone born or married in 1994 and with the new Pound Coin just released, interest and demand for these older issues is greater.