United States of America, Ike 1971 Dollar Silver Proof S

In 1971 the US Mint decided to mint new silver dollars. It is said that this was done to placate the casinos in Las Vegas. We don’t know about placating anyone... We love Las Vegas, the original Disney Land for adults. This was the first United States silver dollar struck since 1935, it was struck in 400 fine Silver Proof and it honoured Dwight David Eisenhower or ‘Ike’ as he was known. Ike was not only the Commander in Chief during World War II but he was also President of the United States for two terms. We have for sale a beautiful silver proof examples of this ‘new’ Silver Dollar dated 1971, that of course was 50 years ago. Still reasonably priced and it has a most interesting history.
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In 1976 the United States celebrated its 200th anniversary of freedom from this country. It is called their Bicentennial and they issued 3 special coins to honour this event. This is the largest coin of three, the Proof Silver Dollar. The obverse shows Ike Eisenhower with two different dates 1776 – 1976. The reverse shows the moon with the Liberty Bell. These silver dollars are brilliant proof and they were struck only in 1976. We think it is both a beautiful silver proof silver dollar and also very reasonably priced. But supplies are limited, and it has been some time since we were last able to offer them.