United States of America, Eisenhower Silver Proof Dollar & Free Ike CN Dollar

The late President Eisenhower has been honoured on two totally different large dollar size coins by the United States. In 1971 they issued an Ike Dollar to replace the silver dollars used at the casinos in Nevada. It was large, cupro-nickel and worked just fine in their slot machines. In 1990 they issued a commemorative Silver Dollar for the 100th anniversary of his birth 1890-1990. It is a bit unusual as it has two heads of Ike on it. The first has a 5-star general and the second is as President. The reverse shows his home. It is struck in Proof 900 fine silver. We are offering you a FREE cupro-nickel Ike Dollars with any purchase of this 1990 Eisenhower Silver Dollar in Proof. We have only 20 pieces in stock, and when they are gone, they will be gone…
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