United States of America, Dollar (Eisenhower) Silver Proof in Snap-lock case

The Eisenhower or Ike Dollar was first made in 1971. It is said that it was made to placate the casinos in Las Vegas who could no longer get the Morgan Silver Dollars (see elsewhere in this issue for our offer of them). They made the Ike dollar in cupro-nickel to be used in the slot machines. But they also made some in silver for collectors and for VIP collectors they even made them in Silver Proof. It is these VIP Silver Proof Ike Dollars that we are now offering you. We have several different dates in stock, so it will be dates of our choice. But to make it even better for you our collectors each Silver Proof Ike Dollar will come in an imprinted Snap-lock display case. You may remember Ike as chief of the Allied Forces in the Second World War not just President of the United States.
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