United States of America, 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar Proof

Steve just found a group of 1977 Kennedy Half Dollars in Proof condition. What he did tell us is that there are NOT many in stock, so if you want them, get it now!
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Bicentennial issue Silver Brilliant Uncirculated

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Australia, George VI (World War II), Sixpence (Sterling Silver) Circulated

From almost the other side of the world, or Australia to be exact, we offer King George VI Silver Sixpences that were struck during World War II. They are dated between 1939-1945 and are in selected circulated condition. An Australian friend sold them to us. Not an easy coin to find, as many of them were melted down after the Second World War. We think this is the first time we have offered them. Second World War, silver and King George VI have a lot going for them and they are Sterling Silver.

Israel, 4 Coins Older Mint Set

These four coins were issued in Israel in the 1960s and 1970s. They are no longer valid for use, but are an important part of their numismatic history. They are the 1, 5, 10 and 25 Agorot and are in uncirculated condition. Please remember that they are 40-50 years old and not many were put aside at the time. We think that at just £3.50 they are excellent value and for sure not easy to find.
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Citta del Vaticano, or Vatican City, issued its own coins up until 2002 when it adopted the Euro. These Aluminium 2 Lire coins (KM.50) were issued in the name of Pope Pius XII in 1958 and were the last of their type issued since he died in October 1958. The coins are low mintage with only 30,000 being struck. They have the crowned shield on the obverse and on the reverse the figure of Fortitude standing with a lion at his feet. Even better, they come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are now nearly 65 years old and rather difficult to find.