United States of America, 1976 Bi-centennial 3-coin Silver Proof Set

In 1976 the United States celebrated her bicentennial (200th anniversary) of freedom. Of course that freedom was from us, but that is another story. To celebrate this historic event they gave three of their coins a total make over, the Dollar, Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar. They issued these coins in cupro-nickel for circulation. In Proof cupro-nickel for collectors and a VIP 3 coin proof set in Silver. It is that silver proof set that we are now offering you. It has been quite some time since we were last able to offer this important one year proof set in Silver. Each of the three coins has two dates 1776 and 1976. The Dollar has Ike and the reverse has the Liberty Bell and the Earth. The Kennedy 50 Cents or half dollar has Independence Hall on the reverse. Finally the Washington 25c or quarter has a drummer boy from the War of Independence. This is a handsome one year Silver Proof Set and even the case is rather outstanding. We managed to get just under 90 of these special proof sets, when they are gone it may well be a couple more years until we are able to offer them again.
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World War II (1939-1945) Remembered - Coins, Stamps and Banknote Set

This is a fantastic new collection of coins, stamps and a banknote from World War II. It is exclusive to Coincraft and there were only 5,000 sets made. They make excellent gifts and are rather handsome. You get a set of 4 British coins of King George VI that actually circulated during the Second World War; all coins are dated 1937-1945. They consist of the Brass Threepence, Penny, Halfpenny, and Farthing. You also get the 1943 United States Cent struck in steel; it was only ever struck for one year. Plus a Cent dated 1944-1946 made from melted down shell cases. You get a Churchill crown, as he was our wartime Prime Minister. You also get a large-sized 1 Lire coin from Italy dated 1940, the year they declared war against Great Britain. Plus you get a pair of mint stamps for the Liberation of the Channel Islands with King George VI’s portrait. Plus two mint stamps from the United States showing the overrun nations of The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Plus a stamp issued by this country just after the War, where they reduced the colour to save ink. Finally, you get a large-sized 10 Rupee note from Burma, issued while it was under Japanese occupation. Don’t miss out on this fantastic collection.