United States of America, 1942 Mercury Dime Choice BU

We have just had a small group of Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Mercury Dimes which were issued during World War II by the United States. The Mercury Dime is considered one of America’s most beautiful and dynamic coins. These coins are struck in 900 fine Silver and are just beautiful. Here we offer the 1942 Mercury Dime Dollar. 1945 was the last date of issue for this design, they then switched to the Roosevelt design.
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The father of Valentinian I was a Pannonian rope maker who had risen through the ranks of the army to hold high office in both Africa and Britain. Valentinian did the same, like father like son! When Jovian died mysteriously in A.D. 364 Valentinian was chosen as emperor by a group of officers. He was 42 years old and almost illiterate but, importantly was a devout Christian and superb military leader. He chose his younger brother Valens as co-emperor in the East, ruling the western empire from his capital at Milan, without ever visiting Rome! Both emperors spent most of the next decade defending the long frontiers of the empire. In A.D. 375 while meeting a deputation of the Quadi tribe he became so enraged by their arrogance that he suffered a seizure and dropped dead! Valentinian I worked hard to protect the empire, showed greater religious tolerance, and was frugal. We offer bronze coins of Valentinian I showing his bust on the obverse and Victory on the reverse. This is around the time Victory is started to be quietly linked to the Angels of Christianity. Here we offer the coin in Very Fine. they will fit your collection nicely.
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France Assignat 5 Livres 1793 PA76 VG-F

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