United States of America, 101st Airborne Division Medal

The 101st Airborne Division, or “Screaming Eagles” as they are nicknamed, is an elite division of the United States Army that specializes in air assault operations often operating behind enemy lines. Originally established in 1918 they gained renown for their role in Operation Overlord (D-Day landings). They were also deployed to Vietnam in 1967 and were referred to as the “Chicken Men” by the Vietnamese because of their insignia. Enemy commanders are said to have warned their men to avoid the Chicken Men at all costs because they were sure to lose any engagement with them. These medals honour this elite combat division and show an armed soldier walking through long grass with a helicopter in the background and the words “101st Airborne Division” above and “Screaming Eagles” below with the insignia of the unit to the right, a bald eagle. The reverse of the medal has the seal of the United States Army. These medals are gleaming gold-plated and supplied in a protective capsule.
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