Uganda, 100 Shillings 'Man Eaters Anaconda' 2010

From the Bank of Uganda we offer this large sized 100 Shillings issued in 2010 as part of their Man Eaters Series. On one side is a full colour picture of an Anaconda and on the reverse is the coat of arms of Uganda, an animal and a bird holding up a native shield with spears. The dealer who originally bought these 100 Shillings thought that they were silver, when in fact they are just heavily silver plated. They are in Proof condition in a protective capsule. The price is more than right and the last Anaconda was in the Peruvian Amazon.
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Each of these beautifully silvered 100 Shillings was issued in 2010. On one side they have the arms of Uganda and on the reverse a full-colour photo of a Man Eating Bear! We had never even seen these coins until Phil bought this small group. They are extra big and look like solid silver but in fact, are silver-plated. Each comes in a large-sized protective capsule, so you can see both sides of the coin. You get the Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear and Black Bear, which we think is the complete set. These are so large and beautiful that when you lay them out together it is most impressive. You can own all three extra large silvered crowns for a special price. At this price we hope you are impressed, Britain’s Coin Shop has done it again.
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This is a fantastic set for the United States Civil War 1861-1865. Yes, it was fought about slavery and yes, there are some remnants of the old South still around. But please remember it was a historical event in a historic time and in this case the good guys won. As the reverse of each medallion states in large letters ‘Abolition of Slavery’. This set is very special We know you will enjoy it. The South wanted slavery and so they seceded from the North. It was a bloody war of brother against brother. It changed much but also left many with scars. This set is magnificent! Five crownsized medallions that have been gold plated with several surprises. On the reverse of each medal there is a facing portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He fought for peace and died for peace. You have full colour renditions of battles, soldier fighting soldier, both flags going into battle. On one you have a most moving portrait of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. The collection comes in a handsome metal case where you can vary the thickness of the inner display by just removing some of the padding. It is a fantastic set from the packaging on up wards.
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