Uganda, 100 Shillings (Killer-Whale) Silvered Proof

We have another two very large sized crowns or 100 Shillings from Uganda to offer you. They are part of their ‘Man Eaters’ series. They are large crownsized, heavily silver plated, in Proof condition with a full colour photograph and come in protective capsules. The two man eaters are: Killer Whale and the Shark. The obverse of each has the Ugandan coat of arms supported by two birds. The first time we have been able to offer these two and if you have bought and enjoyed the other pieces from this series, you will love these. We were able to find some listed on Ebay but they wanted $62.50 each for them. You will find our prices much more collector friendly. But supplies are limited and at our prices they will sell out quickly. Here we present the Killer-Whale Silvered Proof 100 Shilling.
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