Twopence (Half Groat)

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George III_Twopence_Cartwheel_1797_Fine_obv

George III, Twopence (Cartwheel) 1797 Fine

How Do You Know it is a Twopence? We were asked this question the other day and the simple answer is, if it weighs two ounces then it is Twopence, if it weighs an ounce then it is a Penny. These coins were only issued for one year: 1797. The public hated them because they weighed so much. This was one of the first coins to be struck under steam pressure on a Boulton and Watt's steam press. Because they are pure copper they nick and scratch very easily. You have the bust of King George III on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. This product is offered in Fine condition. We give you the best example that we have in stock, but due to the softness of the metal there will be some dings. A great talking piece.
George III, Twopence (Cartwheel) 1797 Very Fine_obv

George III, Twopence (Cartwheel) 1797 Very Fine

In 1797 the Royal Mint decided to strike some new copper coins on the new steam presses. So, under King George III, they issued copper pennies and for the first time ever a copper two pence. It was so big it weighed 2 ounces of copper and became known as the Cartwheel Twopence. The public hated it because it was so big and heavy and it was only ever issued in that one the year 1797. This largest-ever bronze coin usually comes in well-used condition with lots of heavy edge nicks, as pure copper nicks easily. We have been putting away better quality coins for the past two years and here they are. The coins are in Very Fine condition with a minimum number of small edge nicks. These are truly superior coins and we are offering them at the same price that some coin dealers are charging for inferior examples.
George III, 1797 Twopence Good Very Fine_obv

George III, Twopence 1797 Good Very Fine

In 1797, the Mint struck the largest copper coin ever, the so-called Cartwheel Twopence. It weighed two ounces and was the largest and heaviest British copper coin. In fact, it was struck on a steam press for the first time. High grade examples are extremely difficult to find. Retailers used the coins for weights, some people believed that there was a gold coin inside, so they spent all day shaking them. We have spent the past two years putting together this small group of King George III 1797 Cartwheel Twopences in About Extremely Fine condition. If you want a one year type coin, if you want the largest British copper coin ever made and you want them in Extremely Fine, here they are.

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