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Elizabeth II, £2 Double Sovereign 2022 Brilliant Unc

In 2022 the Royal Mint issued a special £2 or Double Sovereign for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 70 years on the throne. Instead of St. George slaying the dragon, the reverse had the Royal Coat of Arms. Each Double Sovereign weighs almost 16 grams of 22ct Gold and is a one-year-only type coin. The £2 pieces, or Double Sovereigns, have always been minted in very limited numbers and no doubt this will be no exception. The coins on offer are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and the BU coins are usually rarer and more difficult to get than the proofs. We do not sell anything as an investment, but this is one coin which we think is going to be good. We don’t often say that, but when we do, we are usually right. We managed to get a very small quantity together, by buying up whatever the wholesalers had left. We took a little gamble, but we feel that this gold coin might just turn out to be a winner. Get them while you can, less than 5 of these 2022 Gold Double Sovereigns are available.