Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid I (1774-1789 CE), Silver Piastre, Constantinople mint Extremely Fine

These Crown-sized silver Piastres were issued by Abdul Hamid I who was Ottoman Sultan between 1774-1789. He was regarded as one of the most gracious Ottoman Sultans, known for his religious devotion and was referred to as ‘Veli’ meaning Saint. The coins are 39mm diameter and weigh approximately 19 grams and grade as about Extremely Fine. They were minted in Constantinople and bear the distinctive Tughra, the signature of the Sultan which was stamped on the coins and official documents. On the other side is the mint name and the date, in elegant Arabic script. We have very limited availability so get in quickly to secure yours.
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Iceland, 1100th Anniversary, 874-1974, 2 silver Proofs, 500 & 1000 Kronur

Iceland, 1100th Anniversary, 874-1974, 2 silver Proofs, 500 & 1000 Kronur

The discovery of Iceland, according to medieval sources, took place in the second half of the 9th century A.D. when Norwegians on their way to the Faroes were driven off course and came upon an unknown land further to the west. There they found Irish Christian hermits who left soon after the Norsemen arrived. On the 1100th anniversary of the settlement, the Central Bank of Iceland issued commemorative coins to mark the occasion. The coins were designed by an Icelandic artist but struck at the Royal Mint in the UK. The two coins in this set are the 1000 Kronur showing two Norsemen beside a large fire and the 500 Kronur depicting a woman leading a cow by her side. The reverse of both coins shows Iceland’s guardian spirits, a bull, a bird, a dragon and a giant. A beautiful pair of large-size Sterling silver proof coins in the case of issue, now 50 years old but as perfect as the day they were struck.
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Cyprus, George V, 45 Piastres 1928, Very Fine

In all the time that the island nation of Cyprus issued coins, the only time they ever issued a crown was in 1928 under King George V. In all the time we have been in the coin business we never had more than 10 pieces at any one time. It has always been a scarce coin to get because it is highly desirable. The mintage was just 80,000 coins and it has always been Scarce. We managed to buy a group from a jeweller who accumulated them over many years. So we can offer them to you at prices you would usually expect for a dealer to pay.