Tunisia 5 Dinars 2013 P95 Hannibal Unc

Tunisia 5 dinars 2013 P95 Green Hannibal and ancient amphitheatre/ Ancient ships Unc
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Iceland 500 Kronur 2001 P58 Unc

Iceland 500 Kronur 2001 P58 Unc

The portrait of Jon Sigurdsson appears on the front of this 500 kronur note dated 2001 (P58) He was the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement and so important was he, that his birthday was chosen as Iceland’s National Holiday. The back shows Sigurdsson seated at his desk with Icelandic textbooks, a gas lamp and pen alongside a view of the façade of the Learning School in Reykjavik. Uncirculated.
China 20 Yuan 2022 Winter Olympics Polymer P-New Unc

China 20 Yuan 2022 Winter Olympics Polymer P-New Unc

The Winter Olympics being held in Beijing China are now over. To mark this important event, China has issued two commemorative 20 yuan notes, one printed on polymer, depicted here, and one printed on paper. The polymer 20 yuan has a pair of figure skaters on the front with a view of the structure known as the Ice Cube on the back. This building has been repurposed from its role in the 2008 Summer Olympics where it housed aquatic events and was known then as the Water Cube! (P-New) Uncirculated.