Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Year of the Three Kings) Proof

2016 was the 80th anniversary of the Year of Three Kings. King George V died, his eldest son Edward became King Edward VIII, he abdicated in December and his younger brother became King George VI. The Year of the Three Kings. The small island nation of Tristan da Cunha celebrated this historic event a few years early, in 2012 with a most attractive and beautiful memento. Plated with gold and highlighted in Rhodium they have a crown with Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the three Kings of 1936 on the other side, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. We managed to buy a small group from one of the dealers. We are now able to offer them to our collectors. Each crown is in Proof condition and comes in a capsule to protect the coin, while still allowing you to view both sides without having to touch it.
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