Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Admiral Horatio Nelson) with a Piece of the HMS Victory 2015 Silver Proof

In 2015 the little island of Tristan da Cunha issued a rather special Silver Proof Crown. It was for Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, his portrait was the reverse with H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. But what makes these crowns so special is that each coin contains an actual piece of his flagship HMS Victory. That’s right a small actual piece of the wood that was used in his ship... You can now own a real bit of history. Today the mints worldwide seem to be charging about £80.00 for a new silver crown, so we are very pleased to be able to offer you one at a lower price. However, supplies are very limited and the ship had only so much timber…
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Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Captain James Cook Proof Crown In Capsule

Tristan da Cunha, Captain James Cook Proof Crown In Capsule

Captain James Cook on his three voyages to the South Pacific, mapped all of New Zealand, much of the East Coast of Australia, found the Sandwich Islands and South Georgia. He was also the first European to begin formal contact with the Hawaii Islands. This was unfortunate, as when he returned there, there was a terrible fight and he was killed in 1779. This handsome silver plated diamond shaped coin from Tristan da Cunha honours this great explorer. You have Captain James Cook on one side with his sailing ship and a ships wheel behind him. The other side has H.M. the Queen. Each large sized diamond shaped crown comes in a unique heavy plastic capsule to protect the proof surface. A great man and a wonderful coin, what more could you ask for?
Picture of Lundy, 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

Lundy, 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. She visited Lundy and a souvenir sheet was issued to honour that event. We have been offering that souvenir sheet with the two coin-tokens of a Puffin and a Half Puffin based on the first Lundy coin-tokens issued in 1929. At that time, the Government took umbrage, and the man who made them had to go to court. Many of our collectors want the coin-tokens, but do not want the souvenir sheet. They are struck in copper and are in brilliant Proof condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all, how many Lundy issues have there been?