Tristan da Cunha, 50 Pence (100th Anniversary of the end Queen Victoria's Reign) 2001 Silver Proof

Queen Victoria was our longest-serving Monarch until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her. Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain and the British dominions from 1837 until 1901. She was the most important and most powerful Royal anywhere. This bit of background on Queen Victoria is important to try and understand just important she was. In 2001 a crownsized Silver Proof 50 Pence was issued by Tristan Da Cunha. It was authorized by the Palace, some were struck but somehow they just got put away for the past 20 years. We got the chance to buy all that was left. We had never seen one before, so we knew it wasn’t common, and the mintage would be quite low. The price was really right, so we realized we could buy them, mark them up, and make a profit, but still be offering scarce coins at a most realistic price. It was an everyone-wins situation! We are offering the crown in Silver Proof at a most reasonable price.
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Picture of India, George VI 1942 1/2 Anna BU

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India issued coins with the portraits of British Monarchs from the reign of King William IV to King George VI. After that India became Independent and no Royals were on their coins from then on in. At the end of King George VI’s reign they issued a square ½ Anna in nickel-brass in 1942 without dots on either side of the Country *India* for the Bombay Mint. From 1942-1945 they issued the coin with the dots either side of India. From 1946-47 they issued this coin in copper-nickel. So the 1942 dots is an important type of coin. The mintage is just under 8 million, but compared to the other dates, it is minuscule. The lowest other dates are between 159 and 437 million! That makes 1942 a very low mintage, very important type coin. We bought a small group of 1942 no dots ½ Anna of 1942 and they are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The catalogue only prices them up to Uncirculated condition. We don’t know how good these coins are in India, because we could not find any for sale there… We think these are fantastic coins and who knows what they are really worth. Low mintage, one-year type coin, top condition, King George VI, and a very popular Indian coin. We have guessed at the price, which if will be raised substantially if we are wrong... Get them while you can!