Tristan da Cunha, 25 Pence (Queen Mother 80th Anniversary Crown) 1980 Unc

This Crown or 25 Pence piece was issued in 1980 for the Queen Mother’s 80th Birthday. It was issued by Tristan da Cunha a very small island in the South Atlantic Ocean. There are only about 300 people on the island, the only way to travel there is by ship from Cape Town, and you need to be able to climb back up a rope ladder to be allowed off the ship. In case the ship needs to leave quickly. You have a beautiful portrait of the Queen Mother with a tiara-like crown on one side and her daughter Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. These crowns are now 42 years old and still in Uncirculated condition. Today it would be almost impossible to find them in any quantity. With our recent move, a part bag was found which we put away in 1980. This crown is from a very remote and almost impossible to get to island. These crowns are now 42 years old and Uncirculated condition.
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