Tristan da Cunha, 25 Pence (Queen Mother 80th Anniversary Crown) 1980 Unc

This Crown or 25 Pence piece was issued in 1980 for the Queen Mother’s 80th Birthday. It was issued by Tristan da Cunha a very small island in the South Atlantic Ocean. There are only about 300 people on the island, the only way to travel there is by ship from Cape Town, and you need to be able to climb back up a rope ladder to be allowed off the ship. In case the ship needs to leave quickly. You have a beautiful portrait of the Queen Mother with a tiara-like crown on one side and her daughter Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. These crowns are now 42 years old and still in Uncirculated condition. Today it would be almost impossible to find them in any quantity. With our recent move, a part bag was found which we put away in 1980. This crown is from a very remote and almost impossible to get to island. These crowns are now 42 years old and Uncirculated condition.
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Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Christopher Columbus

Tristan da Cunha, Christopher Columbus

Columbus discovered more than just America, he discovered the Caribbean Islands as well. This beautiful diamond-shaped Crown from Tristan da Cunha does him great justice. Christopher with wide tricorn hat, sailing ship to his right and ships wheel above is on one side and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is on the other side. Each coin is in Proof condition and is heavily silver plated to gleam. Then it is put into a diamond shaped plastic display case to help preserve it. Now you can own a most unusual and interesting coin of that great explorer Christopher Columbus for a very competitive price: we doubt that any would be issued today at such a reasonable price.
Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Captain James Cook Proof Crown In Capsule

Tristan da Cunha, Captain James Cook Proof Crown In Capsule

Captain James Cook on his three voyages to the South Pacific, mapped all of New Zealand, much of the East Coast of Australia, found the Sandwich Islands and South Georgia. He was also the first European to begin formal contact with the Hawaii Islands. This was unfortunate, as when he returned there, there was a terrible fight and he was killed in 1779. This handsome silver plated diamond shaped coin from Tristan da Cunha honours this great explorer. You have Captain James Cook on one side with his sailing ship and a ships wheel behind him. The other side has H.M. the Queen. Each large sized diamond shaped crown comes in a unique heavy plastic capsule to protect the proof surface. A great man and a wonderful coin, what more could you ask for?
Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Diamond Jubilee Crown 2012

Tristan da Cunha, Diamond Jubilee Crown 2012

Here is a wonderful crown issued by TDC (Tristan da Cunha) for the Diamond Jubilee of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. They are full crownsized, plated in gold and have a full colour photo on the obverse. Our supplies are very limited.