Tokelau Komodo Dragon $2 One Ounce Silver 2022

A silver one ounce from Tokelau, a $2 and dated 2022 It features the Komodo Dragon, the pre-historic beast that only exists on the Indonesian island of Komodo.
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Licinius A.D. 308-324: Constantine the Great’s rival_obv

Licinius A.D. 308-324: Constantine the Great’s rival!

Born around the year A.D. 265 in Roman Dacia, Licinius grew up with the future emperor Galerius and they served in the Roman army together. Galerius later appointed him Augustus in the West in A.D. 308. Following the deaths of Galerius, Maximinus II and Maxentius, the empire was left under the control of Licinius and Constantine the Great in A.D. 313. Licinius married Constantine’s half-sister, Constantia, to improve relations but in reality, both men only wanted control of the whole empire! They fought on and off until A.D. 324 when Constantine defeated Licinius first at Hadrianopolis and then at Chrysopolis. Licinius surrendered and, thanks to his wife, was sent to retirement. In A.D. 325 Licinius and his son were both hanged on the orders of Constantine for plotting. We offer you a bronze coin struck for Licinius which shows his bust on the obverse with various reverses. We can provide two grades, Fine and Very Fine, and as we have not been able to offer these for a long while we expect they will sell fast! Get the coin of Constantine the Great’s ultimate rival and imagine, what could the world be like if he had won.
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Colombia Leper 2 Centavos

Leper colony coinage in Colombia circulated only in the country’s three government backed quarantine stations over fears that using regular coins could spread the infection to others outside. These 2 centavo coins, which we can off er in Very Fine condition, were minted in 1921. On the obverse they have a stylised cross with the word “LAZARETO” (the Spanish word for a quarantine station), while the obverse has the date and the denomination within a wreath. These special stations were closed in the 1950s and the inmates were allowed to exchange them for regular coinage at any bank.
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Luxembourg First 10 Cent F-VF

In 1854 Luxembourg introduced the decimal franc and now we can off er you the first ever bronze 10 centime coin minted for use in the country. It features a crowned coat of arms for the Grand Duchy, which was then ruled by King Willem III of the Netherlands in a personal union. This lasted until his death in 1890, after which the throne of Luxembourg passed to a minor branch of the Dutch Royal House of Orange-Nassau as laws of the Grand Duchy then banned female succession. These coins are in Fine condition or better.