Thailand, 20 Baht 1995 FAO

From Thailand we offer a commemorative coin which is 23 years old. The 20 Baht of 1995 was issued for the 50th anniversary of the Kings reign an interesting piece from this Far eastern country still in mourning following the death of its ruler!
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Picture of Floating Display Case

Floating Display Case

We bought these some time ago, but due to lack of space, we asked the dealer we bought them from to store them for us. He recently asked if we still wanted them? As we had already paid for them, we said yes and now you can own one of these fantastic display pieces at a lot less than is being asked elsewhere. You can take one or more coins or any other collectable, put it in this frame and it will appear to be floating in space. When we first saw it, it blew us away. This is the answer to displaying your coins or other collectables without damaging them. Using it is quite simple: you open the case, position your items where you want them, close the case and there they are – floating in space. If you want to replace the items, all you have to do is open the case, take the items out and replace them with a new coin. These were originally made to sell for £19.95, but the manufacturer never got around to advertising them. We bought them right, as is our plan, if we buy right we sell right. The outer case measures 13 x13 cm and the inner surface measures 10 x10 cm. Once you have seen one you will want to buy some. Remember, they are not just for coins you can display stamps, buttons, curios just about anything that you want.
Picture of South Africa, Mandela Mint Set Special

South Africa, Mandela Mint Set Special

When Nelson Mandela was finally released from prison after many years of hard labor, he shocked the world. He came out in a suit and didn’t hate those who put him inside. Rather he realised that he could help his country go forward and regain its place in the world. He was a hero and loved and admired by not only his own countrymen but by people all over the world. The South African Government made both a coin and a banknote with his portrait on them. A friend in South Africa made up a handsome folder with both the coin and the banknote, which we are now proud to be able to offer. Supplies are running out and we don’t know where or when we will be able to get any more. A true gentleman, someone who put his country before himself and someone we admire. Add the set to your collection today.
Russia, Nicholas I Patina 1825 Silver_obv

Russia, Nicholas I Patina 1825 Silver

This is a Patina or retro-pattern to show you what Russian coins could have looked like. You have the bareheaded bust of Czar Nicholas I and retro dated 1825. We believe the final mintage in Proof Sterling Silver was something like 300 pieces. You have Nicholas’ bust on one side and crowned double headed eagle on the reverse. The workmanship is superb, finer than on the Russian attempt. Choice Proof condition, struck in Sterling Silver and with a very low mintage, what more could you ask for? How about a special price? Well this price is special! We are not sure how much they were selling for, but we have just 38 pieces available for sale. You would expect to pay £80-£100 for something like this. How about £48.50? But there are only 38 pieces available.
£59.50 £42.50