Switzerland, Old Time Swiss Set of 8 Different Coins

In the old days, up until 1967, three of the Swiss coins made for circulation contained silver. We have a small group of the old Swiss coin sets on offer, all eight different coins. All the coins are in Very Fine condition and are now getting rather hard to find. You get bronze 1 & 2 Rappen, cupro-nickel 5, 10 and 20 Rappen and the silver ½, 1 and 2 Francs. Dates will vary but all the coins are selected Very Fine and the silver ones over 50 years old.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, Halfpence 1971 BU Roll of 50

Elizabeth II, Halfpence 1971 BU Roll of 50

Most collectors don’t realise that the first Decimal Halfpenny (1971) were issued in rolls. They are shrink wrapped in plastic and there are 50 coins in each roll. We know, because we just bought an original bag of these coins all in original rolls! You have to remember that the Halfpenny was a very short lived coin. It was first issued in 1971 and the last coin was struck in 1984. Of course even more importantly the 1971 coins are denominated in ‘New Pence’ rather than as we do now, ‘Pence’. These Halfpence are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, just as they came out of the Royal Mint. Each roll holds 50 coins and is most unusual, as most coins don’t come out of the Royal Mint in rolls. It might be interesting to buy a couple to show to your friends or put away for your grandchildren.