Sweden, (80th Birthday Silver Commemorative) 5 Kroner 1962

This Swedish silver commemorative 5 Kroner silver coin was issued in 1962 for King Gustaf VIs 80th birthday. You have the King on one side and Pallas Athena holding a shield and owl. The owl is a worldwide and ancient symbol of wisdom. We don’t know what happened but, the Swedish Mint melted 40% of the total mintage. So today, some 58 years later it is a rather difficult coin to find. The small group we have are in Extremely Fine condition with lots of lustre and rather attractive. Others might grade them higher, but Coincraft uses old fashioned grading. We have just 32 pieces in stock and they should go quickly.
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United States of America, Quarter 1976 Clad Proof S

In 1976, the United States celebrated the bi-centennial of gaining freedom from…. the US! Yes, it was over two hundred years ago that the two nations split, fiscally but not emotionally. The US Mint made new designs for the 25c, 50c and $1 coins. We knew we had some of the 1976 Quarters or 25c pieces in Proof, the only problem was finding them? Well, 4-5 years later, here they are. We never lose anything, but we do misplace the odd coin or two. You have a drummer beating his drum with a flame in a circle behind. It is a one year design, Choice Proof coins, struck in cupronickel by the US Mint and finally available to you again!
Eisenhower Silver Proof Dollar & Free Ike CN Dollar_obv

United States of America, Eisenhower Silver Proof Dollar & Free Ike CN Dollar

The late President Eisenhower has been honoured on two totally different large dollar size coins by the United States. In 1971 they issued an Ike Dollar to replace the silver dollars used at the casinos in Nevada. It was large, cupro-nickel and worked just fine in their slot machines. In 1990 they issued a commemorative Silver Dollar for the 100th anniversary of his birth 1890-1990. It is a bit unusual as it has two heads of Ike on it. The first has a 5-star general and the second is as President. The reverse shows his home. It is struck in Proof 900 fine silver. We are offering you a FREE cupro-nickel Ike Dollars with any purchase of this 1990 Eisenhower Silver Dollar in Proof. We have only 20 pieces in stock, and when they are gone, they will be gone…
Picture of Peru, 1/2 Dinero Unc

Peru, 1/2 Dinero Unc

A group of these early Peru silver coins came up at auction and we bought them! The denomination is 1/2 Dinero and they were issued between 1901 and 1917, which means of course, that they are over 100 years old, but also in uncirculated condition. You do not see these coins in such high grade all that often. We were delighted to buy the lot, as the price was reasonable and the quality very high, a combination you don’t often get. They are small Silver coins, but of high grade silver (900 fine), as Peru is known for being an important silver producer. The quality is outstanding and we can supply a few different dates. For a coin you never see in excellent condition, what more can you ask for?