Sweden, 1940 1 Kroner Ch Unc

Here we offer a 1940 Silver Kroner from Sweden, a difficult date to find in high quality. Supplies are very limited and this is a much more difficult date to get in Choice Uncirculated. These coins were put aside because silver coins during the war were in very short supply but in very high demand. These are beautiful coins and we think you will underappreciate them.
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Sweden, 2 Kroner 1950 Uncirculated

This Silver 2 Kroner coin was issued in Sweden under King Gustaf V in 1950 and was the highest denomination coin struck at the time. It was also the last date of issue, the King died in 1950. We bought a fantastic high-grade lot of these beautiful silver coins. We can offer them in Uncirculated condition which is not bad for a 72 year old silver coin! Well worth having and difficult to get so nice…
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United States of America, Roosevelt Dime late 1950s BU

In 1964 the United States issued its last ever dime or ten cents in silver that was meant to actually circulate. This country stopped using silver to make its coins, Maunday sets aside, in 1946 some 18 years earlier. We have a small collection of these silver times from the late 1950s. They feature the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt on one side a torch with flowers on the other side. Amongst the last ever silver dimes issued for circulation these are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates will be of our choice.
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Sweden, 2 Kroner 1947 About Uncirculated

In Sweden after World War II, the largest coin to regularly circulate was the silver 2 Kroner. It has the bust of King Gustaf V on the obverse and the crowned arms of Sweden on the reverse. These coins are in About Uncirculated condition with lots of lustre. We have about ten pieces of each date available. A coin you don’t see every day, especially in this high a grade. Get them while you can.