Sweden, 1939 1 Kroner Gem Unc

When World War II was raging most people who could afford to put away silver coins, after all silver had a value while the non silver coins did not. We have purchased a group of fantastic Swedish Silver 1 Krona coins from 1939. Silver and in Gem Uncirculated condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all they were part of World War II.
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George VI, Sixpence 1946 Gem Unc

In 1947 the Royal Mint removed silver from circulating coinage. So the 1946 dated coins were the last ones to be struck using silver. We have found a small quantity of the King George VI sixpence dated 1946, which is the last silver sixpence ever issued for circulation. The coins on offer are some of the finest you can find, here in Gem Uncirculated. A great opportunity to add the last ever silver sixpence to your collection in wonderful condition…