Suriname, Error 100 Guilders 1994 Commemorative Crown

Proof Cupro-Nickel. Not listed in Krause
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We have just checked the latest Krause World Coins and they appear to have left this coin out of the catalogue. It was listed in previous issues, but of late they seem to be making a lot of errors. It is a cupronickel 100 Gulden issued in 1994 for the Football World Cup held in the United States. They list several crowns of somewhat similar design but they list them in Proof 999 fine Silver.

This crown or 100 Guilders should have been struck in 999 fine Silver, because it says so in the field. But it also says CuNi which stands for cupronickel. Krause lists two similar pieces but both with two footballers, this Rare coin only has one footballer.

It is in Proof cupronickel and unlisted in the current catalogue, it is also an error, that is a Silver crown struck in cupronickel. This could be a winner.

You can own one for just £29.50 which we think is excellent value for the money.