Sudan, 50 Ghirsh, 1972. Uncirculated.

Issued in 1972 for the UN Food For All programme, these are crownsized and now 45 years old.
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This is a coin that we had never seen before, a 50 Ghirsh from the Sudan. It was issued in 1972, some 45 years ago, for the United Nations Food for All programme. It is a large crownsized coin with water buffalos on one side and the Eagle of Sudan on the other.
These 45 year old crowns are in Uncirculated condition with the usual light bag marks, as you would expect. But to find an old African coin of this size and this condition is most unusual.
They have come in from the Middle East and we bought all the dealer had for sale, which was
not all that many. An important one year only type coin and in Uncirculated condition. Great value.