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Edward VII, Crown 1902 Very Good

In the short reign of King Edward VII, only one crown was ever made, that was in 1902 for his Coronation. They have his bare head on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. They are struck in Sterling Silver and the mintage was just 250,000 Crowns. This is a very important type coin, because if you want an Edward VII Crown you have to get 1902 one or none at all. We still have a few available of this Edward VII Crown in Very Good condition. Get yours while stock lasts!
Picture of Edward VII, Type Set Farthing to Crown, VG+

Edward VII, Type Set Farthing to Crown, VG+

King Edward VII had one of the shortest reigns of modern times, 1901-1910. As was the tradition no coins were made until his Coronation in 1902. We can offer two different type collections both in Very Good condition. The set includes the Farthing, Halfpenny, Penny, Silver Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin, Halfcrown, and Crown. The dates may vary but all the silver coins are struck in Sterling Silver including the Sterling Silver Crown for 1902, the only one ever struck during the reign of Edward VII.
 £5 (Ceremony Keys) 2019 Silver Proof_rev

Elizabeth II, £5 (Ceremony of the Keys) 2019 Silver Proof

The Ceremony of the Keys started in 1340 when Edward III returned and found the castle doors unlocked. So every night they have a fantastic ceremony to show that the doors are locked. That also means that the Wardens are locked inside as well. This Sterling Silver Proof £5 was issued in 2019 to honour the event as part of their Tower of London Collection. You have the lamp and the keys on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. They are Choice Proofs in the complete original Royal Mint packaging including certificate and booklet. These were issued at £82.50. We have a limited number of pieces available, and you can have one for just £69.50.

Elizabeth II, 25 Pence (Silver Jubilee) with case 1977 Proof Sterling Silver

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. The Royal Mint, as they did with her Grandfather, George V, issued a special silver commemorative crown or five-shilling piece. It shows the Queen on horseback and was a very popular with the public at the time. In fact, it was probably was the height of public celebrations. The 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown in Proof Sterling Silver is one of the most popular of her reign and the best value of her entire series. Today the Mint seems to be issuing a crownsized coin almost every day. The Royal Mint price today for a crownsized silver coin in Proof is £82.50. Here we offer you Proof Sterling Silver examples of the 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown with the Official Royal Mint case for just £5 extra. Remember these silver proof crowns are now 43 years old and are crown coins not the £5 pieces issued today. We think these silver proof crowns are real coins and not some fantasy £5 piece that has never actually been used.
Picture of Elizabeth II, (Queen’s 80th Birthday 13 Coins) 2006 Silver Proof Set

Elizabeth II, (Queen’s 80th Birthday 13 Coins) 2006 Silver Proof Set

Issued in 2006 for the Queen’s 80th birthday, this is a collection of all the coins made at the time, but all struck in Proof Sterling Silver. You get the £5 piece, £2 piece, and £1 with the bridge, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, and 1p, plus the four-coin Maundy Collection. This is a fantastic set of coins, which you would have to pay almost £300 today JUST for the Maundy set. The whole collection of 9 coins, plus the 4 coin Maundy Set comes in a large blue deluxe presentation case with an illustrated booklet/certificate. Very limited availability.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £1 1984 Silver Piedfort Pound

Elizabeth II, £1 1984 Silver Piedfort Pound

In 1983 the Royal Mint issued its first-ever non-Gold pound coin, in 1984 they issued their second-ever non Gold pound. It is this second coin that we are now offering to you. It was the start of a series of four coins and the coins on offer are the Special Collectors Edition struck in Piedfort Proof Sterling Silver. Each coin comes in a protective capsule with a Royal Mint case. These beautiful Proof Silver versions of the pound in your pocket quickly sold out. Even our supply is very limited.

Elizabeth II, £1 1986 Silver Proof

Richard came across these two 1986 Silver Proof British coins the other day while going through the vaults. They are the 1986 Sterling Silver Proof Pounds, this is the older design when coins were all one metal through and through. The other coin is the same coin but a Piedfort or double the normal thickness, double the amount of Sterling Silver. These Piedforts are known as the VIP edition. These have the Northern Ireland reverse, the reverse used in 1986. At auctions we have seen prices for these modern Royal Mint Proofs show very strong results. We know most dealers do not have a stock, so probably that these early Royal Mint silver coins will really start to be collected. Get them while you can, we have not increased our prices.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £1 1987 Silver Proof Piedfort

Elizabeth II, £1 1987 Silver Proof Piedfort

In 1984 the Royal Mint started it’s first series of Silver Proof Pounds, they were for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and finally England. This 1987 issue was the last of the series and was for England. These are the normal coins that are used in circulation, but special collectors editions which the Royal Mint struck in Proof Sterling Silver and an even smaller number in double thick Sterling Silver, which they call Piedfort. Many collectors believe that they should start at the beginning of a series and then work toward today’s coins. The coins we offer are the Piedforts. Each coin comes in the protective capsule as issued by the Mint. Sterling Silver is 925 parts Silver per 1,000 parts total and is the Silver that our coins used to be made of. Remember these are double the normal thickness. Add this beautiful Sterling Silver Piedfort Proof Pound to your collection, it’s a nice place to start…

Elizabeth II, £1 1991 Silver Proof

A palindrome is a number that reads the same from right to left as it does from left to right. In this case, the date is 1991 whichever way you read it. In 1991 the Royal Mint issued a special collectors edition of the Pound coin, it was struck in Proof Sterling Silver. It had a flax plant on it to honour Northern Ireland. These 1991 Sterling Silver Proof Pounds are rather handsome and have the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on them. You too can be a VIP when you order one of these VIP coins.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £1 1996 Sterling Silver

Elizabeth II, £1 1996 Sterling Silver

In 1996 the Royal Mint did something they had never done before. They issued a Proof Set of the then current 1996 coins but, every coin was struck in Proof Sterling Silver. Here we present the 1996 £1 in Sterling Silver.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £2 (Dove of Peace World War II) 1995 Silver Piedfort

Elizabeth II, £2 (Dove of Peace World War II) 1995 Silver Piedfort

In 1995 the Royal Mint celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II with a commemorative £2 piece. You have the Dove of Peace on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. Remember this coin is one of the old large-sized £2 pieces. Comes in Piedfort Proof (double the normal thickness of Sterling Silver Proof). Each coin comes in a protective capsule.