St. Thomas & Prince 5000-50,000 Dobras P65-8 (uncirculated)

I had the good fortune to visit the island nation of St Thomas and Prince and while there saw much of the exotic bird life for which it is well known. It lies off the West coast of Africa. This set of four crisp, uncirculated banknotes shows how delightful the bird life of St. Thomas and Prince really is. The values range from the 5000 to the 50,000 dobras. (P65-8) St. Thomas & Prince has just gone polymer, so these are the last of the paper issues and as time goes by will be more and more difficult to source. Brighten up your albums with this lovely quartet for just £14.50.
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Picture of Belgium, Meulebeke, World War II Set of 4

Belgium, Meulebeke, World War II Set of 4

A scarce set of notes issued by the local authorities in Meulebeke, Belgium during World War II. The denominations are 1f, 5f, 10f and 20f and they are dated 11-6-1940. Each has the rubber stamp of the City on the back, when they were used they rubber stamped the name of the Burgemeester. They also have a pin hole in the centre which is from the spindle where they were put when redeemed. Without the signature and pin hole they were not valid. One set sold at an auction in Belgium recently for EUR300 (around £260). We had never seen them before but we managed to buy a small quantity of these notes recently and are able to offer them to our customers at a huge saving. They are very interesting notes and quite attractive given the circumstances under which they were printed. Get yours while stocks last.
Picture of Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara 1931 P29  AU//Unc

Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara 1931 P29 AU//Unc

These large Yugoslavia 1000 dinara notes are dated 1931 and are printed in pastel colours in that wonderful French style (P29) The front features a portrait of Queen Marie who was the wife of King Alexander until his assassination in 1934. She fled to Britain during the Second World War and died in exile in 1961. In 2014 her remains were returned to Serbia to be reinterred. Lovely notes in AU/Unc.