St. Thomas & Prince 5000-50,000 Dobras P65-8 (uncirculated)

I had the good fortune to visit the island nation of St Thomas and Prince and while there saw much of the exotic bird life for which it is well known. It lies off the West coast of Africa. This set of four crisp, uncirculated banknotes shows how delightful the bird life of St. Thomas and Prince really is. The values range from the 5000 to the 50,000 dobras. (P65-8) St. Thomas & Prince has just gone polymer, so these are the last of the paper issues and as time goes by will be more and more difficult to source. Brighten up your albums with this lovely quartet for just £14.50.
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St Thomas & Prince 10 Dobras 2021 P-New Paper Unc

This 10 Dobras note is from St Thomas & Prince. This used to be printed on polymer but this new 2020 issue has reverted to paper (P-New). A charming butterfly is on the front with a bird and map on the back.
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In the past, we have offered what we have called Bumper Sets of Iran banknotes- all great value. Well, a visitor from the Middle East who we haven’t seen for over 2 years because of the pandemic, arrived with a Bumper Bumper Set of Iranian banknotes and it’s even better value! The set he sold us comprises 13 different notes all in Uncirculated condition. The set ranges from the 100 to the 100,000 rials and includes recent issues where the government is preparing to revalue the currency 10,000 to 1 and call it tomans instead of rials. (P136-7,P140,P143-4, P146,P151-3, P155 and P-New) This is a fabulous set with 13 Crisp Uncirculated notes with many featuring the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini whose followers toppled the Shah in 1978.
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Surinam 5-25 Gulden 2000 P146-8 Unc

In the year 2000, Surinam issued what is arguably one of the prettiest series of banknotes. The theme celebrated the vivid flora and fauna found in this South American country. The fronts are dominated by colourful native birds including the Rednecked Woodpecker and the Redbilled Toucan while the backs feature plants and flowers set against a view of government buildings. Included in our trio are the 5,10 and 25 gulden (P146-8) Crisp Uncirculated.