St Thomas & Prince, 1000 Dobras Divers Proof CN

This Scarce St. Thomas & Prince 1000 Dobras Olympic crown was issued in 1996 for the games held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It depicts swimmers and is struck in Proof cupronickel. Very high relief and quite a scarce crown.They have toned over the years. This is a good value, especially at our price of just £19.95!
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The island of Haiti has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, hurricane, famine and violence. It takes up half the island the other half is the Dominican Republic. We have a 0.50 Gourde in Uncirculated condition One one side you have the portrait of Jean Duvalier and on the other the unusual denomintaion. Not an easy coin to get as they have had so many problems of late.