St Thomas & Prince 10 Dobras 2021 P-New Paper Unc

This 10 Dobras note is from St Thomas & Prince. This used to be printed on polymer but this new 2020 issue has reverted to paper (P-New). A charming butterfly is on the front with a bird and map on the back.
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Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer_obv

Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer

This 20 unc note is the 20 ouguiya recently issued by Mauritania.(P-New). Dated 2020 there is an illustration of the Great Mosque of Gataga on the front and the geological wonder of Guelb Errichat, known as the Eye of Africa, on the back.
Surinam 5-25 Gulden 2000 P146-8 Unc

Surinam 5-25 Gulden 2000 P146-8 Unc

In the year 2000, Surinam issued what is arguably one of the prettiest series of banknotes. The theme celebrated the vivid flora and fauna found in this South American country. The fronts are dominated by colourful native birds including the Rednecked Woodpecker and the Redbilled Toucan while the backs feature plants and flowers set against a view of government buildings. Included in our trio are the 5,10 and 25 gulden (P146-8) Crisp Uncirculated.
Picture of Croatia 1000 Kuna 1941 P4 VF-GVF

Croatia 1000 Kuna 1941 P4 VF-GVF

During the Second World War, Croatia was under German Occupation. Notes were issued for the duration and this 1000 kuna note is from that series (P4) It is dated 1941 and is available in Very Fine- Good Very Fine condition. It’s densely engraved with a young girl to the left. Security features include thick fibres scattered randomly.